Race Results

These are all of the timed running events I’ve ever been in, so far as I can recall.

Date Race Distance/Time Result Comments
2020/05/03 Horseshoe Lake Trail Run (virtual) 30K 3:58:56 A virtual race, where the real race would have been on trails that I ran all the time when I lived in California
2020/03/14 Aiea Loop Express “7+” miles 2:21:26 My first HURT trail series race as a local (and it was 8.4 miles)
2020/01/18 HURT Legacy 20 20 miles 6:59:35 Special event on the same course as the HURT 100 for the 20th running of that race, but just one loop
2019/12/31 New Year’s One Day 12 hours 53.0 miles In the range I expected
2019/11/28 Quad Dipsea 28.4 miles 8:09:56 Managed to finish faster than my previous worst, which was an accomplishment after missing over a month of training this Summer
2019/07/06 Brazen Dirty Dozen 12 hours 53.07 miles About 2 1/2 miles less than last year despite better temperatures
2019/05/11 Los Altos Hills Pathways 10K 10K 1:03:47 In the middle of my results here
2019/05/04 Miwok 100K 100K 15:22:55 Nowhere near as fast as I hoped, especially given the great weather, but I got my Western States qualifier
2019/04/13 Lake Sonoma 50 50 miles 12:47:06 Somewhat warm, almost lost my shoes in a mud pit, and in retrospect I was getting sick
2019/03/02 Way Too Cool 50K 50K 7:03:06 Very wet and muddy
2019/01/19-20 HURT 100 100 miles 80 miles I was better prepared than ever before, but the course was more treacherous than usual, and I decided that the risks of going fast enough to finish were not worth it
2018/11/24 Quad Dipsea 28.4 miles 8:03:00 My second slowest time
2018/08/14 Nojiri Lake Association Lake Run ~9 miles 1:35:42 Much slower than 2016, when I last ran it, but also not my slowest time for the race
2018/08/09 Nojiri Lake Association Half Marathon 13.1 miles 2:30:56 PW, and I was DFL
2018/07/21 Tin Cup Challenge 10K 10K 1:00:00 Almost 6 minutes faster than the one other time I ran this race
2018/07/07 Brazen Dirty Dozen 12 hours 55.6 miles Managed a slight (0.4 miles) PR for a 12 hour race despite more hills and heat than in the other two
2018/06/03 Skyline to the Sea 26.2 miles 5:47:34 Downgraded from the 50K
2018/05/05 Miwok 100K 100K 14:32:08 A PR by 7 minutes
2018/04/14 Lake Sonoma 50 50 miles 12:34:16 Course PR by 5 minutes
2017/03/17-18 4mph Challenge It depends 60 miles Unofficially 66 miles
2018/01/13-14 HURT 100 100 miles 93 miles I conquered my mental issues from my previous best attempt two years prior, and was over two hours faster through 80 miles, but in the last loop I wasn’t able to slow myself down downhill, which wasn’t very safe, or ultimately, fast enough
2017/11/22 Quad Dipsea 28.4 miles 7:33:12 Over 4 minutes slower than last year
2017/09/08-12 Tahoe 200 205.5 miles 88.1 miles I got the leans, which I’ve never suffered with for more than 30 miles before, and elected to pull the plug early
2017/08/10 Nojiri Lake Association Half Marathon 13.1 miles 2:14:15 Almost 3 minutes slower than last year
2017/08/01 Nojiri Lake Association NLA Run ~4.5K 23:02 Exactly tied my PR for this course, from 2 years ago
2017/07/15 Tahoe Rim Trail 50 50 miles 14:38:01 Slower than I hoped, but I finished very strong
2017/06/03 Mount Diablo 50K 50K 28K I missed the cutoff due to nasty climbs, technical descents, heat, and weight gain, so I had to skip the extra out-and-back that the 50K runners did (my 28K time was 5:31:04)
2017/05/06 Miwok 100K 100K 15:06:44 A little slower than last year, but it still qualifies me for the Western States lottery
2017/04/15 Lake Sonoma 50 50 miles 13:12:14 I was mildly sick
2017/03/11 Marin Ultra Challenge 50 50 miles 12:44:30 A course PW
2016/12/31-2017/01/01 New Year’s One Day 24 hours 105.4 miles This has never happened before, and will likely never happen again, but I was the first male! And not just in my age group. A woman from Japan went 106.5 miles, so I was not quite first overall. This kind of race works really well with my newish low-carb diet, since fat burning is the name of the game.
2016/12/03 North Face Endurance Challenge 50 50 miles 11:42:20 A few minutes slower than I hoped (this is the chip time)
2016/11/26 Quad Dipsea 28.4 miles 7:28:56 My second fastest time on this course, in wet and slippery conditions
2016/11/05-06 Rio del Lago 100 miles 27:49:13 Not as fast as I aimed for, but a 100-mile finish is a 100-mile finish
2016/10/15 Overlook Endurance Runs 50K 50K 6:18:22 I was exactly the median runner, with 69 people ahead of me and the same number behind
2016/09/24 Stevens Creek Striders 50K 50K 7:23:14 Nutrition experiment: Running an ultra on zero carbohydrates
2016/08/16 Nojiri Lake Association Lake Run ~9 miles 1:25:05 My PR for this race by over 90 seconds
2016/08/11 Nojiri Lake Association Half Marathon 13.1 miles 2:11:23 PR for this course, though only by 22 seconds
2016/08/09 Nojiri Lake Association NLA Run ~4.5K 24:03 61 seconds slower than last year
2016/07/16-17 Tahoe Rim Trail 100 100 miles 32:08:37 Had issues late, but still finished ahead of plan
2016/07/04 4th of July 10K 10K 55:44 Second year in a row running this 10K in Wilson, WY (over 6000′), and just over 2 minutes faster
2016/06/19 Broken Arrow Skyrace 52K 52K 11:08:19 Tons of climbing at fairly high altitude, and other challenges like snow
2016/05/07 Miwok 100K 100K 14:39:09 I was pushing all day to stay ahead of or at least close to last year’s excellent splits, and ended up setting a PR by over 3 minutes
2016/04/09 Woodside/Purisima Creek Crossover 50K 7:13:37 A little slower than last year, but I had just recovered from being sick
2016/03/12 Marin Ultra Challenge 50 50 miles 11:40:35 Cold temperatures helped me improve by over 30 minutes compared to last year (the rain and wind kept things “interesting”)
2016/02/20 Montara Mountain Trail Run 50K 6:28:42 This is the same course as PCTR’s Pacifica 50K, so this was a course PR by over 30 minutes
2016/01/16-17 HURT 100 100 miles 80 miles I improved significantly (80 miles in 30:07 vs. 72.8 miles in 32:43 in 2013), but I will need better mental focus to finally finish this race
2015/12/05 North Face Endurance Challenge 50 50 miles 11:39:13 A big PR (>30 minutes) for a 50 miler (this is the chip time)
2015/11/28 Quad Dipsea 28.4 miles 7:21:29 My splits weren’t quite as even as last year, and I didn’t meet my coach’s 7:20 goal, but still a big PR
2015/11/07-08 Rio del Lago 100 miles 26:13:23 Missed my 100-mile PR by less than 2 minutes
2015/10/24 Eldrith Gosney’s Pure Ultra 50K 7:10:33 Eldrith is awesome, but she was extremely embarrassed by all the attention (she designed the route, but the race was so not her idea) — my 50th completed 50K
2015/09/20 Coastal 50K 50K 8:10:05 A course PW, but third place in my age group on a very hot day when many dropped out without finishing
2015/08/13 Nojiri Lake Association Half Marathon 13.1 miles 2:11:45 PR for this course by over 15 minutes, and won the master’s men division (though there was only one other in that division)
2015/08/11 Nojiri Lake Association NLA Run ~4.5K 23:02 My PR for this course, and won the master’s men division
2015/08/02 The Tick Trailblaze Half Marathon 12.6 miles 2:29:12 The finisher’s medal is a bottle opener! (and yes, the official distance was a bit short)
2015/07/26 Big Basin 50K 50K 6:35:00 This is basically the same as the PCTR Skyline to the Sea 50K, and was a course PR on that basis
2015/07/04 4th of July 10K 10K 57:49 Another opportunistic race, this time in Wilson Wyoming, about 8 minutes faster than my previous 10K at over 6000′
2015/05/23 Trent-Waldron Glacier Half Marathon 13.1 miles 1:59:39 Opportunistic race, since I was going to be in Anchorage anyway, turned into a PR by about a minute
2015/05/02 Miwok 100K 100K 14:42:59 The cutoffs forced me to PR, and the good weather also helped
2015/04/12 Woodside/Purisima Creek Crossover 50K 7:10:52 A little long and more climbing than advertised, but good training for Miwok
2015/03/14 Marin Ultra Challenge 50 50 miles 12:11:22 My longest run since the 2013 injury, and a PR for a 50 miler
2015/02/08 Golden Gate Trail Run 50K 6:43:53 Second in my age group (though I would have been third if I was in the 60-69 group!)
2015/01/01 Race to End World Hunger 10K 53:41 My eighth consecutive year running this race
2014/12/28 Woodside Trail Run 50K 6:17:49 My 45th completed 50K, and my 4th fastest (4 of my 5 fastest 50Ks have been on this course)
2014/11/29 Quad Dipsea 28.4 miles 7:34:23 My first ultramarathon since the 2013 injury, and a PR thanks mostly to very even splits
2014/10/25 PCTR Stinson Beach 37K 37K 5:45:45 My longest race since the 2013 injury
2014/08/31 Toro Trail Run 30K 30K 5:06:40 Very hilly and at times steep course, and my longest run of the year (so far)
2014/08/15 Nojiri Lake Association Half Marathon 13.1 miles 2:27:02 I actually designed the course two years earlier, but was not able to run the inaugural event last year due to injury
2014/08/12 Nojiri Lake Association NLA Run ~4.5K 23:35 My PR for this course
2014/08/05 Nojiri Lake Association NLA Run ~4.5K 24:53 I won my division (masters men)!
2014/07/19 Tin Cup Challenge 10K 10K 1:05:50 Very slow, most likely due to the elevation (over 6000′) of the race, but very even splits
2014/05/18 Horseshoe Lake Trail Run 13.1 miles 2:47:21 My longest run of the year so far, hoping last year’s stress fracture is starting to be behind me
2014/05/10 Los Altos Hills Pathways 10K 10K 1:05:37 A course personal worst, but by less than expected considering my injury and hardly any running this year
2014/03/29 Fight for Air 1197 steps 12:29 My first stair climb event
2014/01/01 Race to End World Hunger 10K 56:54 My seventh year in a row running this race—my personal worst, but okay since I have hardly run in the last six weeks
2013/11/16 Mt. Tam 30K 30K 4:10:29 This seemed to be a good return to racing after the stress fracture I got during Western States, but it turned out to be too much too soon
2013/06/29 Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run 100 miles 47.8 miles The combination of an injured foot (stress fracture) and the second-hottest conditions in race history were not a good omen
2013/05/11 Los Altos Hills Pathways 10K 10K 57:48 Hilly and fairly warm, but I managed to run the whole thing and set a course PR, but an unseen rock (while wearing Vibrams) was the start of my stress fracture
2013/05/04 Miwok 100K 60K 8:53:24 The race was shortened at the last minute, so I ran 12.5 miles before and 4.6 afterwards to keep my training for Western States on track
2013/04/13 Lake Sonoma 50 50 miles 12:39:33 Great training for Western States in a beautiful part of Sonoma County I had never seen before
2013/03/24 Canyon Meadow Trail Run 50K 7:01:33 My coach challenged me to negative split the two half marathon loops by at least 5 minutes, and I managed 11 minutes (which took a heart rate increase of 25bpm)
2013/01/19-20 HURT 100 100 miles 72.8 miles I was slower though the point where I have previously stopped (67.3 miles in 29:40 this year vs. 28:16 last year), but I went further (72.8 miles in 32:43) and felt less beat up afterwards, so it’s all good
2013/01/01 Race to End World Hunger 10K 51:30 My sixth year in a row running this race (formerly Run for a Healthy World), and only 6 seconds slower than my 10K PR
2012/12/30 Rodeo Valley Trail Run 50K 7:21:29 Way slower than the last time I ran PCTR’s version two years ago, which was already my PW on this course, but somehow I won my age group?!
2012/12/15 Woodside Ramble 50K 7:02:34 I’m not sure how ITR makes this course so much more challenging than PCTR’s version, but at least I was over 18 minutes faster than last time
2012/12/08 Coyote Ridge Trail Run 50K 7:13:57 Over 30 minutes faster than when I ran this course in September
2012/11/24 Quad Dipsea 28.4 miles 8:13:44 Each year I seem to get slower at this one
2012/10/27-28 Javelina Jundred 100 miles 29:47:34 I got the Dead Last award, but more than half of the starters did not finish the full 100 miles, and I got my Western States qualifier
2012/10/13 Horseshoe Lake Trail Run 13.1 miles 2:54:47 I also ran the 3.4 miles from home to the start (and back afterwards)
2012/09/29 Berkeley Trail Adventure 50K 7:42:15 This was my 40th completed 50K—the course markings were incorrect, causing everyone to cover about 1.5 miles less than intended, which was good because it was pretty hot
2012/09/22 Coastal 50K 50K 7:39:04 Big improvement over last week
2012/09/15 Diablo 50K 50K 10:09:32 About 1.5 hours slower than last year, and by far my slowest 50K, but there were three people who were even slower (and I think I was slightly sick)
2012/09/01 Coyote Ridge Trail Run 50K 7:45:48 I finished DFL with a PW on this course, but still managed to be second in my age group and beat four people doing the shorter marathon course
2012/08/13 Nojiri Lake Association Lake Run ~9 miles 1:39:30 Finished last and very slow, but not quite as slow as 2008
2012/07/21-22 Tahoe Rim Trail 100 100 miles 85.5 miles This time I pushed myself much better than I did at Bighorn, but it still wasn’t quite enough to beat the cutoffs
2012/06/30 Marin Ultra Challenge 50K 8:25:21 Tougher and longer (32.75 miles) than expected, but still a good day on the trails with friends at every aid station
2012/06/15-16 Bighorn Trail 100 100 miles 76.5 miles The knee that had been bothering me didn’t hurt me physically, but it had a big impact on my mental toughness
2012/05/12 PCT 50 Trail Run 50 miles 13:46 The warm and rocky conditions made the middle of the race a slog, but the last segment was faster than my plan
The Relay
4.8, 5.8, and 3.1 miles
0:45:48, 0:59:25, and 0:40:20
Runner #6 (including the Golden Gate Bridge and Highway 9!)
2012/04/21 Diablo Trails Challenge 50K 9:14:14 My 35th completed 50K is also my slowest ever (very hot (89°F), slightly long (31.6 miles), and 3 weeks after donating blood)
2012/03/24 Woodside Ramble 50K 7:20:53 This normally fast course was not so fast this time, but I have no complaints
2012/01/28 Steep Ravine Trail Run 50K 7:46:42 I’m very happy with the result, since this was only two weeks after HURT
HURT 100
100 miles
“100K” (67+ miles)
It was far drier than last year and I even had a pacer for about 13 miles, but the result was almost the same (28:16 this time)
Run for a Healthy World
Not bad (second best 10K) for the day after a 30K!
2011/12/31 Rodeo Beach Trail Run 30K 3:49:17 I don’t know if Pacific Coast Trail Runs will survive, but they have been a huge part of my progression
2011/12/10 Coyote Ridge Trail Run 50K 7:17:49 Exactly 6 minutes slower than last year, even though it was dry (vs. muddy last year), but this was my third challenging ultra in three weekends
2011/12/03 North Face Endurance Challenge 50 50 miles 12:36:59 That’s the chip time
2011/11/26 Quad Dipsea 28.4 miles 7:45:13 A little slower than last year
2011/10/29 Marsh Madness 5K 5K 24:28 My first 5K, averaging 168bpm on the heart rate, so I was pushing hard
2011/09/24 Coastal 50K 50K 7:08:09 The inaugural running of this point-to-point race in the Marin Headlands
2011/09/17 Diablo 50K 50K 8:39:18 This, my 30th completed 50K, was a last-minute replacement for the canceled San Francisco One Day (24-hour fixed-time event)—the time doesn’t seem so bad given the 7990′ of climbing and the 80+°F temperature
2011/09/03 Grand Teton Races 50 50 miles 14:18:32 I didn’t prepare very much, which is probably why my time was slower than my 50 mile split from last year, but thanks to moving into a new otherwise unoccupied age group, I won my age group!
2011/08/16 Nojiri Lake Association Lake Run ~9 miles 1:28:09 Not as fast as last year, but this was under 10 days after a 100-miler, and I wasn’t (quite) dead last
Headlands Hundred
100 miles
My worst time for this race, but still better than any of my 100-milers not on this course
Headlands 50
50 miles
Not quite as good as I hoped (12:30), but still good training for the 100-miler in 3 weeks
San Diego 100-Mile Endurance Run
100 miles
The rocks, heat, and altitude all contributed to this being harder than expected, but with the help of my crew and pacer I managed to stay ahead of the cutoffs
Horseshoe Lake Trail Run
13.1 miles
I should have run the 50K: There were zero finishers in my age group!
Miwok 100K
Other than some wind and one rattlesnake, the conditions were perfect
The Relay
6.2, 5.9, and 4.7 miles
1:02:34, 0:57:55, and 0:41:02
Runner #8
Skyline to the Sea
26.2 miles
Did 6 miles before and 10 miles after the race (about 42 miles total)
Redwood Park Trail Run
First run over 8 miles since HURT
HURT 100
100 miles
“100K” (67+ miles)
It took me a little over 29 hours to get that far on this incredibly challenging course
Run for a Healthy World
A new 10K PR, by over 2 minutes!
2010/12/26 Coyote Ridge Trail Run 50K 7:11:49 Even muddier than the previous race!
2010/12/18 Rodeo Beach Trail Run 50K 6:41:37 A PW on this course, but given the muddy conditions I’ll take it
2010/12/04 Woodside Trail Run 50K 6:17:55 My fourth fastest 50K!
2010/11/27 Quad Dipsea 28.4 miles 7:35:36 Thanks to some excellent advice to take the early legs very easy, I managed a much more even race than usual—the mud slowed things down a bit, but not too bad
2010/11/13 Stinson Beach Trail Run 50K 8:04:56 It turns out that running 94+ miles on a flat course is not good training for the very hilly (>7000′) course of this, my 25th completed 50K
2010/10/23-24 San Francisco One Day 24 hours 94.4 miles It was a wet and windy day, and thanks to entering a new older age group (and one faster man being in an even older group), I actually managed to win my age group for the first time ever!
2010/10/03 Skyline Ridge Trail Run 50K 7:05:35 It went from too hot to too cold, but it was still a nice day on my local trails
2010/09/24 Palo Alto Moonlight Run 10K 56:16 Lots of people traffic for the first mile, but it’s always fun to run in the dark!
2010/09/04-05 Grand Teton Races 100 100 miles 35:50:01 The hardest physical thing I’ve ever done
2010/08/07-08 Headlands Hundred 100 miles 26:11:53 Way faster than last year, though the course was probably 3-4 miles short
2010/08/03 Nojiri Lake Association NLA Run ~4.5K 23:54 Substantially faster than in 2005
2010/07/27 Nojiri Lake Association Lake Run ~9 miles 1:26:38 Over 13 minutes faster than in 2008, but I was dead last—where did the slow people go?
2010/07/17 Headlands 50 50 miles 13:16:45 The middle was hard going, but things picked up again near the end
2010/07/03 Pacifica Trail Run 50K 7:41:09
2010/05/23 Big Basin Redwoods Trail Run 50K 7:41:47 A hard course, especially on my little toe!
2010/05/08 Los Altos Hills Pathways 10K 10K 59:48 Over 4 minutes faster than last year! (I measured it at 58:51)
2010/05/01-02 The Relay: legs 10, 19, 23, and 32 8.9, 7.0, 3.7, and 4.7 miles (24.3 miles total) 1:38, 1:08, 0:35, and 0:43 Already looking forward to next year!
Skyline to the Sea Trail Run
Hoping for a much faster time, I went out too fast and didn’t drink enough, especially since it was a bit warmer than expected
Oakland Marathon Relay
~14.7 miles (legs 3 and 4)
Great community support for this inaugural event
Pirate’s Cove Trail Run
My 20th completed 50K!
Sequoia Trail Run
Mud and general slowness
Woodside Trail Run
More mud and a course PW
Pacifica Trail Run
Slower than I hoped due to copious mud and a recent blood donation
Disney World Goofy Race and a Half Challenge
13.1 + 26.2 miles
2:00:42 and 4:26:19
Two races in two days… and two PRs!
Run for a Healthy World
Slower than either of the previous two years, but I was still recovering from a cold; at least it was a good tempo run before the Goofy Challenge in 8 days
Rodeo Beach Trail Run
My fourth fastest 50K, finishing just behind and ahead of two other 49-year-old men
Woodside Trail Run
Downgraded from the 50K
24 hours
92.3 miles
My left foot/ankle was in increasing (though not threatening to be long-term) pain for more than half of the race
Skyline Ridge Trail Run
Very close to home, and a good time considering one leg wasn’t 100%
100 miles
Almost everything worked better than I planned, and I had great help from my crew, pacer, and coaches
Sequoia Trail Run
It was hot and I was anti-tapering for this one, but at least I was a little faster than I was a year ago
Pacifica Trail Run
Took a fall on the first of 5 loops, but still set a course PR
Lake Merritt Half Day
12 hours
55.2 miles
17 times around the lake plus twice around Fairyland
Read the blog entry for the details
Los Altos Hills Pathways 10K
I even managed to get in an extra 0.8 miles when I took an accidental detour
50 miles
Missed the cutoff time at 37 miles
Sycamore Canyon Trail Run
Southern California
Pirates Cove Trail Run
Sequoia Trail Run
My 10th 50K
Woodside Trail Run
A new PR for 50K
Pacifica Trail Run
Run for a Healthy World
Over 2 minutes faster than last year
Faster than my most ambitious goal (6:30)
My 50K personal record, on a perfect day and a fast course
Stinson Beach Trail Run
12 hours
51.2 miles
48 laps around the lagoon at Crissy Field
13.1 miles
Aimed for 2 hour pace and died
Skyline to the Sea Trail Run
2,580′ more downhill than uphill
Nojiri Lake Association Lake Run
~9 miles
Ran it on my own 9 more times (all faster)
50 miles
First 50 miler
Sequoia Trail Run
First ultramarathon; 7,090′ of climbing; hot
Lake Merritt Half Day
6 hours
30.3 miles
First fixed-time event; 31.0 miles in 6:00:45
26.2 miles
7,950′ of climbing; hot
Pirates Cove Trail Run
Sequoia Trail Run
Pacifica Trail Run
First organized trail run
Run for a Healthy World
26.2 miles
First marathon
San Jose Rock and Roll Half Marathon
13.1 miles
San Francisco Half Marathon
13.1 miles
First “real” organized run
Nojiri Lake Association NLA Run
Fun run in Japan

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