Cinequest 17

The first film festival I ever went to was Cinequest, the San Jose film festival, in 2001. It opened my eyes to how many good films are made that do not come to a theater near you, even if you live near a good theater that shows art and international films. I have been every year since, always with a pass so I can see lots of films.

This year, the 17th iteration of the festival opened on February 28th with The Namesake, and then continues through March 11th.

I will post my planned schedule as I work it out. As one step in preparing to do that, I went through all of the feature length films playing and attempted to find them on the Internet Movie Database, so that I could get some data on the films that is less biased than the Cinequest program. This is not a criticism of Cinequest—if they didn’t like a film, they wouldn’t have included it. The resulting IMDb list can be found here. Note that IMDb generally lists films with the title in the original language, whereas the Cinequest program is alphabetized by the English titles.

Here’s a tentative schedule for what I’m planning to see:

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