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Man in the Chair

November 17, 2007

In Man in the Chair, Christopher Plummer gets a juicy role as Flash, a long-retired gaffer living at the Motion Picture & Television Country House. He and troubled high school student Cameron meet when the latter is cutting classes to watch an old movie. Cameron has entered a student film contest and he tries to pressure Flash into helping.

The film does veer in some worthwhile but distracting directions, so you’re not really sure how to classify it. But it’s still heartwarming despite its flaws, and the two leads as well as M. Emmet Walsh as a retired screenwriter all give excellent performances. I was definitely glad I saw it.

I saw this film with the Camera Cinema Club, and the director (Michael Schroeder) was at the screening to answer questions. Here are a few things I wrote down:

  • He did this film because he had been pigeonholed and wanted to do something different
  • Plummer liked the script and then helped get other actors, and despite the fact that he was 77 years old, he had energy to burn
  • The film got more serious as Schroeder wrote it
  • 4000 people live at the Motion Picture home, and the filmmakers got to film there for four days, and also got lots of interviews for the DVD
  • The idea of crewing a film from the home came from Jonathon Winters
  • Flash used hate to stay alive
  • The film is expected to open in December, and they are hoping for an OscarĀ® nomination for Plummer

I’ll give it a strong 3 stars out of 4 stars.

Seen 10/14/2007.