Village Without Women

[I mostly wrote this a year ago but am only now posting it.]

Village Without Women is a documentary about a small village in southern Serbia, with, if I recall correctly, eight men and no women. Apparently the older women died and the younger ones all moved to the city. The focus is almost exclusively on three brothers who live together in a small dirt-floored home without running water and an outhouse with a door that is no longer attached by hinges. The main artwork decorating the walls is carefully trimmed clippings from Playboy magazine. It takes a substantial walk to get to the nearest paved road.

So the surprising thing is not that they are single, but that there is any chance that any of them might be able to get married. Their best shot is Albanian women, since that country has so few jobs that most of their men have gone abroad to work.

The film is interesting because it shows a place and a way of life that is completely foreign to me: maybe even as foreign as women are to these three brothers. I’ll give it a lower out of .

Seen on 3/13/2011 at Cinequest’s encore showing day.


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