Pure and Poligamy

Pure is a Swedish drama with a much longer Swedish title (“Till det som är vackert,” for which the literal translation is “For it is beautiful”). The main character is a 20-ish girl with a history of being easy and an alcoholic mother who encourages her to do whatever she can do to hang onto her boyfriend. She has recently discovered classical music and goes to a concert with her boyfriend. She is mesmerized and he is, well, not.

I’m not going to say much more, except that Søren Kierkegaard’s name comes up. Other than the main character, the other characters seem less real, but that is only a small demerit. I’ll give it a strong out of .

Poligamy is a Hungarian romantic comedy that was recommended to me by at least one co-worker who saw it earlier in the festival. The premise is that every morning when András wakes up, his girlfriend Lilla is a different woman, meaning she looks different, has a different personality, has a different job, has decorated their apartment differently, and so on. But she and everyone else think that nothing has changed, and the evidence (photos, videos, etc.) support that. Is András crazy?

I will give this a low  out of  because it is quite enjoyable, but it feels like it could have been more. The rules of this universe seem to change partway through the film, probably because it was too hard to make a feature-length film while sticking with the original premise. So I would say it’s fairly fun but not very deep.

Both seen on 3/11/2011 at Cinequest.


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