Among Us and Limbo

Among Us opens with Ernst at work as an insurance claims person of some sort, though based on his office and his suit he must be an upper-level supervisor. He explains to the person calling that if the premiums are not payed, you cannot expect to be insured.

I’m not going to say much about the plot, but the other main characters are his wife, Cecilia (played by the Bond girl from GoldenEye, though if you read that as a negative, don’t), their son, Alexander, and a French man named Walter. The film will hopefully work for you as well as it did for me if you just go with it and don’t analyze it too carefully. The acting is good and sometimes excellent, and while the story feels a little corny at times, it really worked for me.

Oh, and it’s mostly in Swedish and French, with subtitles. I’ll give it a low out of .

Limbo is a Norwegian drama set mostly in the Caribbean nation of Trinidad. I don’t recall there ever being any mention of what year it was, but based on the cars, music, and other clues, I would guess it was set in the 1970’s.

The film opens when Jo has been in Trinidad working in the oil industry for the better part of a year, with his wife Sonia and their two children staying behind in Norway so Sonia can take care of her mother. But very shortly the family is reunited in Trinidad, where the children quickly adapt but Sonia encounters difficulties. The other major characters are Daniel and Charlotte, another couple going through their own challenges.

The film is quite good, perhaps especially in the acting, and it ends with a very un-Hollywood-like ambiguity, which I like. I’ll give it a strong  out of .

All seen on 3/5/2011 at Cinequest.


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