The Orange Girl

The Orange Girl is a Norwegian romantic drama, though it’s pretty light for a drama. It follows two generations: Jan Olav and his son Georg. It moves around in time between when Jan was young man and sees a striking girl on the streetcar with a bag of oranges, and when Georg is a similar age. The film is structured around some letters that Jan wrote to Georg shortly before Jan died, which happened when Georg was a young boy. As Georg reads the letters, we see on screen the scenes that Jan is describing.

The film is kind of corny, but it really worked for me. I cared about the characters, and the message was a good one. The performances are good but not showy, and the production values are excellent. I’ll give it a low out of . An earlier showing at the festival was the U.S. premiere.

Seen on 3/5/2010 at Cinequest.


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