House of Fools

House of Fools opens with Aina having what appears to be a panic attack. There are images of falling glass. When she wakes up, she has many wounds on her face, arms, etc., and she figures out that she’s in a mental hospital.

This Norwegian drama is kind of similar to Manic, with a variety of characters in a mental institution, each working on their own issues and their own path, but also struggling to find a group dynamic. It’s not quite as good as I recall that earlier film to be, but looking at the resumes of the actors, I see that most of them have been in other films that I have liked. Most notably, Thorbjørn Harr (playing Stetson, one the staff) was the male lead in Mars & Venus, and Rolf Lassgård (playing Dr. Freiner) was a key supporting character in After the Wedding. The lead actress, Ingrid Bolsø Berdal, is new to me, and at first she just seemed to play everything as if she was drugged (which, to be fair, is probably what would be true for her character). Later she showed more range, and seemed good though probably not great.

Overall I’ll give it out of . An earlier showing was the Unites States premiere.

Seen on 3/1/2010 at Cinequest.


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