Irene in Time

I don’t remember much about Irene in Time, although as I recall I didn’t like it as much as I liked the previous Henry Jaglom-directed film shown at the Camera Cinema Club, Hollywood Dreams. So maybe it’s good that I don’t remember much. After skimming a review and reminding myself, I’ll give it  out of .

I saw it on 7/19/2009, and writer/director/editor Henry Jaglom was on the phone to discuss the film (there may be spoilers below):

  • Love overcoming time
  • He listened to his women friends and heard how important their relationship with their fathers is to their relationships with men–they either have unrealistic expectations or they have been damaged (or both), so future relationships are either attempts to duplicate that or rejections of that
  • His daughter is the one in the restaurant who gives advice to the lead
  • A therapist once told him that he married his father–you are drawn to whichever parent had the biggest influence on you
  • He considers his films “actor’s films”–he gives them lots of leeway on lines–his camera work is all about capturing the emotions–his DP calls him a conductor more than a director
  • The audience had several different interpretations of the ending
  • She learned that both of her parents lied to her
  • Music is used as a character

Next was lead actress (Tanna Frederick) on the phone from Iowa, where the film is at a film festival (her film festival, in its third year):

  • She is under contract to Henry Jaglom–she gets some annual income regardless, like the old studio system
  • This film was written for her, as well as the next film (Queen of the Lot), which is a sequel to Hollywood Dreams
  • Jaglom wrote a play for her that will be opening in September [of 2009]
  • She found the home movies of her father pulling her out of a lake after the filming was already done
  • She wouldn’t even sing karaoke before this film–she was terrified of it, but was pushed into singing in a bar, and then Henry told her she would be a singer in the next film

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