Away We Go

Away We Go is a hard film to categorize. Burt and Verona (Maya Rudolph) are a young couple expecting their first child. They haven’t really grown up yet, living near his parents (Catherine O’Hara and Jeff Daniels). But when those parents decide to move overseas, Burt and Verona are free to consider moving themselves. So they tour North America, visiting friends and family in an effort to decide where to live and raise their child.

The film seemed overly quirky at first, but during the Maggie Gyllenhaal segment I got into it and it worked for me. I also liked the soundtrack. Overall I’ll give it  out of .

I saw this at the Camera Cinema Club in Campbell, CA on 6/14/2009. Richard Von Busack (from the Metro) was at the screening to discuss the film (there may be spoilers below):

  • This was the first screenplay for the two screenwriters
  • The producers are looking at Juno as a model (he bases this on the poster)
  • This was made just after Revolutionary Road (also directed by Sam Mendes)
  • It is autobiographical in that screenwriter Eggers‘ parents both died of cancer at the same time–he wrote a book about that
  • Eggers lived in Berkeley, so he probably knew families like the Gyllenhaal people
  • Rudolph was a photography major at UC Santa Cruz
  • The husband is a constant, but Rudolph changes and is the center of the movie
  • They focus on the externals, but what they are really looking for is internal
  • Home is where they were, not where others are
  • Making a movie about America, and the happiest place is Montreal?
  • Almost everyone in this audience liked it, though it’s hard to say how much
  • Tim expected many more of us to hate it

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