Final Cinequest 19 Thoughts

This was a good year at Cinequest for me. I didn’t see anything bad, and my favorite film beat anything from the last several years of Cinequest film festivals.

Here is my rough ranking of the 17 feature films I saw,
from best to worst (the links go to my reviews):

  1. Truffe4 stars
  2. The Man Who Loved Yngve3.5 stars
  3. Gotta Dance3.5 stars
  4. Dancers3.5 stars
  5. Witch Hunt3.5 stars
  6. The Investigator3.5 stars
  7. The Necessities of Life3 stars
  8. Heart of Stone3 stars
  9. The Nature of Existence3 stars
  10. Crude Independence3 stars
  11. The Market3 stars
  12. Firaaq3 stars
  13. Fallen Angel2.5 stars
  14. Rock Paper Scissors2.5 stars
  15. Canary2.5 stars
  16. Wake2.5 stars
  17. The Tour2 stars

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