Rachel Getting Married

I saw Rachel Getting Married the same day I happened to listen to the screenwriter (Jenny Lumet, the daughter of director Sidney Lumet) interviewed on The Treatment. Perhaps that colored my perception, but I really liked this film. It’s just the kind of small independent film that I love, with diverse and interesting characters who feel real, and a story that doesn’t necessarily tie everything up with a neat little bow at the end.

Anne Hathaway plays Kym, who is just getting out of rehab as the film opens. Her sister Rachel is, not surprisingly given the film’s title, getting married. The wedding is happening at the family’s home in the country of Connecticut, with two families that seem very different on the surface but less so once you get to know them. I won’t say much more, except that there is a scene about loading the dishwasher that was practically worth the price of admission by itself.

Hathaway has been nominated for an Oscar® for her performance, and while she is very good here, that might be a bit of a stretch, at least to win. I was surprised that there wasn’t also a nomination for the screenplay, but at least Lumet has won some critics awards for her excellent work. The look is low budget, and I have heard some complain about the shaky camera style, but it did not bother me. On the whole I’ll give it a lower 4 stars out of 4 stars.

Seen 1/1/2009.


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