Role Models

You would expect Role Models to have been made by the Apatow machine. It’s a raunchy R-rated comedy starring Paul Rudd, Jane Lynch, and Elizabeth Banks, and some other noted or frequent Apatow players. But Judd Apatow is nowhere to be found in the credits.

Rudd and Seann William Scott work for an energy drink company, and after a slightly unbelievable incident are sentenced to community service with a Big Brother-type organization called Sturdy Wings, run by Lynch in something close to her 40 Year Old Virgin persona. They are assigned to Augie and Ronnie, a role-playing nerd and a kid with an unbelievably filthy vocabulary, respectively.

Of this recent crop of similar comedies, I’ve only seen Virgin, Knocked Up, and this film. This one is surprisingly sweet, and I would put it ahead of Knocked Up and pretty close to Virgin.

I’ll give it a strong 3 stars out of 4 stars.

Seen 11/21/2008.


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