Wendy and Lucy

I saw this film almost four months ago and am only now getting around to writing it up. Conveniently, it opens in local theaters today, so it’s actually timely…

Wendy and Lucy is a very small independent film about Wendy (played by Michelle Williams) and her dog Lucy. Wendy is driving to Alaska to get a job when her car breaks down in Oregon. She has very little money.

There’s a little more plot than that, but this is definitely not a film about plot. Someone said that it’s a road movie with no movement. Like I said, it’s very small, and some reviewers have given it pretty bad reviews. I have to say I was only lukewarm on it when it ended, but it has grown on me somewhat in the intervening months. Williams’ performance is very good, winning a best actress award from the Toronto Film Critics Association. It’s not a showy performance, but it feels 100% real. I’ll give the film 3 stars out of 4 stars.

I saw this at the Camera Cinema Club in Campbell on 10/19/2008. Neil Kopp, who was one of the producers, was at the screening to answer questions (there may be minor spoilers below):

  • He also produced Paranoid Park
  • He compares the job of producer with that of a campaign manager (this was shortly before the election)
  • The writer also wrote the story for Old Joy
  • This film was called Train Choir until the end
  • The dog is the director’s dog, and was also in Old Joy
  • The Wallgreen’s in the film is a block from where the writer lives
  • Todd Haynes was an executive director and helped get Michelle Williams, who worked for scale
  • The film was shot in August 2007
  • Michelle Williams came in only two days before filming started
  • The guy by the fire who talked about Alaska (Will Oldham) taught Williams the theme that Wendy hums
  • Kopp got started producing because it’s what he found a job doing
  • One of his criteria for choosing projects is that it’s doable for the money available
  • They worked on the film for two years, and didn’t really know what they had
  • They had to make prints with French subtitles at the last minute (two weeks) for Cannes
  • Tim Sika (the director of the Camera Cinema Club) saw this film as more political on his second viewing–where the economy is today, and how people are living on the edge where one bad thing can be disastrous

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    not heard of the flick so thanks for post,


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