I saw Wall-E on 7/20/2008. It’s by Pixar, so it had to be good, and the reviews were mostly off the chart (93 on metacritic.com). Beware of high expectations…

The film is about a waste disposal robot operating on Earth long after all of the humans and other robots are gone. He keeps doing his job, and also collects a few things that catch his eye. These early scenes are essentially wordless, which is impressive but didn’t blow me away quite as much as it did for the professional critics.

On the positive side, some of the critics were less impressed with the later scenes that include what pass for humans in this version of the future. Perhaps because of my lower expectations, I was pleasantly surprised by these parts of the film.

It’s hard to tell with Pixar films after one viewing. Some, like Finding Nemo, have definitely grown to become favorites. Perhaps Wall-E will do the same, but for now I’ll give it a still excellent out of .


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