The Forbidden Kingdom

The goal was to see a movie at either the Cerrito or Parkway Speakeasy Theater, since we like the comfy love seats and would be meeting my brother-in-law (who lives in the East Bay) there. Oh, and being able to have a glass of beer and/or wine while watching the movie doesn’t hurt either.

After eliminating films that one or more of us had seen and ones that we didn’t want to see, we ended up choosing The Forbidden Kingdom, starring Jet Li and Jackie Chan, appearing together for the first time. Though given Jackie Chan’s recent film work in Hollywood, I didn’t have high hopes.

The central character is actually a teenage American boy who is a huge fan of Hong Kong film. He comes to possess the staff of an ancient Chinese warrior, and to travel back in time to attempt to return it.

I found the film felt far more Chinese than I expected, especially given the significant U.S. involvement in making it. Having taken a class about recent Chinese cinema, I really appreciated that. This isn’t a significant film by any means, but it was quite entertaining and well made, and I was definitely glad I saw it.

I’ll give it a high 2.5 stars out of .

Seen 6/1/2008.


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