Shelter Me

Shelter Me opens with Anna (Maria de Medeiros, who played Bruce Willis‘s girlfriend in Pulp Fiction) and Mara returning from vacation in Tunisia. A Moroccan teenager named Anis is hidden in the trunk of their car, unknown to them. Anna is wealthy, working for her mother and brother in management at an Italian shoe factory, while Mara is a factory worker there. Their daily commute takes them by a giant chair, which is apparently real.

The film deals with the issues of the acceptance (or lack thereof) of homosexuals, and illegal immigration. In general I felt it was a very well done drama. I found myself caring about all three of the main characters, and they all seemed like real, three-dimensional people. There were a few very isolated wrong notes, which keep it from quite making it to the top of my list of Cinequest films so far. But it’s definitely up there.

I’ll give it 3.5 stars out of 4 stars.

Seen 3/6/2008 at Cinequest.


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