Cinequest 18 opening night: Eden Court

Cinequest 18, the San Jose film festival, opened last night. The head of the festival started things off with the usual thanking of the sponsors and pumping up the importance of what is coming up over the next week and a half. He introduced a local TV guy, which had me quietly groaning because usually that is a painfully useless part of the evening. But this guy, whose name I forget, actually had some film memories to share that were worth the time.

Then he introduced the director, Paul Leuer, of the opening night film, which was the world premiere of Eden Court. The first-time director said that one person in a million really lives their dream, and that this is a “dark romantic comedy” about the other 999,999.

The main characters are Shroeder and Bonnie. He had a shot at a professional baseball career but now cuts the grass at a minor league ball park and lives in a trailer park. He thinks there can be more.

Well, I sure hope there’s more to Cinequest than this film. The acting was horrible and the writing was mostly not much better, though it had a few good moments that made the rest of the sitcomesque story seem even worse in contrast. There were a few laughs, though mostly of the guilty pleasure variety. The production values were reasonable, with Peter Biagi (infamous from “Project Greenlight”) as the director of photography.

I’ll give it 2 stars out of 4 stars.

Seen 2/27/2008 at the California Theater in San Jose, CA.


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