Spirit of the Marathon

Spirit of the Marathon is a movie with a very unusual distribution. It was shown in a large number of places on 1/24/2008, and there is an encore screening on 2/21/2008. I presume it was distributed digitally, because making a large number of film prints for a couple of screenings each would be cost prohibitive.

The film is a documentary about six people preparing for and running the 2005 Chicago Marathon. Two are world-class marathoners, and the other four range from first timers to one trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

While I was glad I saw it, the structure is very simple, and one would expect an average PBS documentary to be as good as this one. If you’re an experienced marathoner, I would expect you might get even less out of it than I did. I’ll give it 3 stars out of 4 stars.

Seen 1/24/2008, of course.


One Response to “Spirit of the Marathon”

  1. musiklvr Says:

    more info for those who would like to see the encore performance this thursday 2/21/08 –


    i loved the film. but im just a jogger;)

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