Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz comes to you from the same team that brought you Shaun of the Dead, which I haven’t seen but now want to. After bringing comedy to the zombie movie, this time they bring comedy to the cop movie.

Nick Angel (named after the film’s music supervisor, I assume) is played by Simon Pegg, who also co-wrote the screenplay with director Edgar Wright. Angel is a police officer in London who is so good at what he does that he’s making everyone else look bad, so he’s transferred to a small village in the country. He gets a promotion to Sergeant, and despite that he would really rather stay in London.

Angel is a machine. In one interview I heard, I believe that they said that he was modeled after the bad terminator from Terminator 2, and he really does run that way. If someone is breaking the letter of the law, he feels compelled to arrest them, even if a valid case is made that not arresting them serves “the greater good.” He’s also incapable of hearing someone use incorrect terminology (e.g., “policewoman”) without pointing out what the official policy says is correct (“police officer”), which is an affliction I can personally identify with.

The film’s early going is mostly about establishing the characters. Danny Butterman (Nick Frost) is the policeman, I mean police officer, who gets partnered with Nick and who also happens to be the Chief Inspector’s son. The only two actors I really recognized were Jim Broadbent (Chief Inspector Butterman) and Timothy Dalton (supermarket owner Simon Skinner). And you really do end up caring about some of these people. Once they’re established, the momentum does builds, and the plot goes over the top, and down the other side.

The two cop movies most referenced by the characters in the movie are Point Break and Bad Boys II, neither of which I have seen. And as I previously mentioned, I have not seen Shaun of the Dead either. But despite not having that context, I really enjoyed this movie. I highly recommend it.
I’ll give it 3.5 stars out of 4 stars.

Seen 4/26/2007.


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