Film Movement

Film Movement is a way to get access to interesting independent and foreign films that have little if any distribution in theaters. If you don’t live in an area with a good independent theater, this may be your best source of interesting films.

You can buy individual films, or for substantially less per film you can subscribe to a “film of the month club.” Each month you get a DVD with a feature film and a short film (although one time they had an all shorts DVD). At least some of their films become available on NetFlix, although not immediately. Recently they went green, sending out their DVDs in minimalist envelopes rather than normal DVD cases protected by environmentally-unfriendly bubble-wrap envelopes.

As a self-confessed DVD addict, I of course have been a subscriber since Film Movement began over four years ago. And as someone who prefers to watch films in theaters, I haven’t watched most of them. So how can I judge their quality?

I have seen several of their films at film festivals, and mostly they have been very worth films. Campfire was one of my favorite films at Cinequest in 2005. He Died with a Felafel in His Hand was a highlight at the Hawaii International Film Festival in 2002.

I’m writing this blog entry today because I just opened an envelope and found that their latest film is The Bothersome Man, which won the top award at the Cinequest that just ended. I picked it in the middle of the pack of the films I saw, but it continues to percolate in my memory, so I suspect it is better than I rated it.


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