Final Cinequest 17 Thoughts

It was a pretty good festival. There were really no movies that I hated, and only one that in retrospect I would have skipped. But there were also no films that were truly outstanding, that I could rave about without reservation.

In any case, below is an attempt to rank the 20 movies I saw from best to worst, though the middle ones (6 to 16) are pretty close in rank.

  1. The General (it’s not entirely possible or fair to rate this silent classic on the same scale as the others)
  2. We Shall Overcome
  3. Outsourced
  4. Maria’s Men
  5. Slumming
  6. Pure Hearts
  7. The Namesake
  8. The Prince of Soap
  9. Just Sex and Nothing Else
  10. Prague
  11. The Bothersome Man
  12. Who Loves the Sun
  13. Out of Balance
  14. Owl and the Sparrow
  15. You Are Here
  16. Fresh Air
  17. Pingpong
  18. Border Post
  19. Act Normal
  20. All the Days Before Tomorrow

So who’s ready for next year?


2 Responses to “Final Cinequest 17 Thoughts”

  1. Jason S. Says:

    Just was checking around the web for what people were saying about Cinequest, since I spent my last week and a half there taking in movie after movie…

    Definitely agree with you on some of your favorites… I thought Outsourced was great (someone better pick it up), Prague middle of the pack (spoiler: just more depressing cheating)… but…

    All The Days Before Tomorrow was my _favorite_ film of the whole festival… the dialogue, the beautiful cinematography and the general chemistry between the two stars were all remarkable (Holden will be a star…). A relationship movie that didn’t have to stoop to cliches and really resonated with both me and my wife. I saw it twice, since I enjoyed it so much. Just wanted to throw in my .02, since I loved it and wouldn’t want people to miss it.

    I appreciated your reviews throughout the festival too… and yes, I’m ready for next year.

    Have a good one.

    – jason

  2. mweston Says:

    I thought I knew who you were, but it turns out I know a different Jason who gos to Cinequest.

    You are not the only one who loved All the Days Before Tomorrow. I would guess, however, that most who did are more similar in age to the main characters (I’m probably close to twice their age). But that’s just a guess.

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