Border Post

Border Post was co-produced by people from all of the parts of the former Yugoslavia (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, etc.). It is set in a military post in Yugoslavia on the Albanian border in the late 1980’s. The men stationed there seem to think about sex, drinking, and getting out of the military, and not much else. The main characters are Sinisa (a medical student), Paunovic (his friend), their commanding officer Pasic, and a female love interest I won’t describe further to avoid spoiling things. Pasic has just come down with syphilis after sleeping with a prostitute, and pressures Sinisa into treating him. As a cover story to avoid facing his wife during the three weeks of treatment, the commander invents an Albanian military buildup that forces the base to be locked down.

The Cinequest program compares this film to MASH, Catch-22, and other films. I can see their point, but this film does not come close to measuring up to those classics. To me the humor wore thin fairly quickly, and even though the romance angle (and leading lady) kept my interest, it seemed pretty far-fetched to me. And the ending seemed like it belonged in another film entirely. The bottom line is that while I’m not sorry I saw this film, it was not something I would particularly recommend either.

I give it 2.5 stars out of 4 stars.

Seen 3/5/2007 at Cinequest.


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