Oscar® Reactions

While it’s disappointing to have incorrectly predicted the Best Picture winner for the third year in a row, I’m glad that this time at least the winning film was one that I liked better than the one I predicted would win.

Main Categories (6/8)

  • Best Picture: Predicted Babel, but The Departed won (at least a better film won, as I said above, although I would have been even happier if Letters from Iwo Jima had won)
  • Best Director: Martin Scorsese for The Departed (it was good to see him finally win, and for what I thought was the best film of his most recent three nominations)
  • Best Actress: Helen Mirren for The Queen (the only win out of 6 nominations for this film)
  • Best Actor: Forest Whitaker for The Last King of Scotland
  • Best Supporting Actor: Predicted Eddie Murphy for Dreamgirls, but Alan Arkin won for Little Miss Sunshine (this was likely more of a career award and possibly a vote for the film, rather than a vote for this particular performance; in an ideal world I would have liked to see either Mark Wahlberg or Jackie Earle Haley win)
  • Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson for Dreamgirls (I predicted this one correctly, but I would have preferred to see Cate Blanchett win for Notes on a Scandal)
  • Best Original Screenplay: Little Miss Sunshine (I predicted this, but I would have personally voted for Pan’s Labyrinth)
  • Best Adapted Screenplay: The Departed (I also predicted this, but I would have been even happier to see Little Children win)

Other Categories (8/16)

  • Animated feature: Predicted Cars, but Happy Feet won (this was a minor upset; I haven’t seen Happy Feet or Monster House yet so I can’t really express an opinion)
  • Animated short: Predicted The Little Matchgirl, but The Danish Poet won (I actually found a pundit who got all three shorts categories right last year, and if I had listened to him this year, I would have gotten this one right)
  • Art direction: Pan’s Labyrinth
  • Cinematography: Predicted Children of Men, but Pan’s Labyrinth won (this was perhaps the biggest suprise to me of the night since Children of Men seemed like a lock, although I wasn’t too upset since overall I liked Pan’s better)
  • Costume design: Predicted Dreamgirls, but Marie Antoinette won (I guess some voters wanted to give one award to Marie Antoinette)
  • Documentary feature: An Inconvenient Truth (from an environmental standpoint, I was glad to see this win, but it was expected)
  • Documentary short: The Blood of Yingzhou District (at least I got one of the shorts right)
  • Editing: Predicted Babel, but The Departed won (I guess after The Departed tied Babel for the ACE Award, this shouldn’t have been too big a surprise, though The Departed seemed to me like it was too long and needed more editing)
  • Foreign language film: Predicted Pan’s Labyrinth, but The Lives of Others won (I liked Pan’s better, and I also thought that its good box office numbers would help it, but I think Others probably played better to the older Academy audience; it’s weird that Pan’s won three awards, second only to The Departed with four, and yet it lost this)
  • Live action short: Predicted Binta and the Great Idea, but West Bank Story won (the same source who I ignored in the animated short category convinced me to go for Binta here, changing my prediction from West Bank Story—doh!)
  • Makeup: Pan’s Labyrinth
  • Original score: Predicted The Queen, but Babel won (this was Babel‘s only win out of 7 nominations)
  • Original song: “I Need To Wake Up” from An Inconvenient Truth (my hunch was that the Dreamgirls songs would steal votes from each other, and apparently it turned out to be right since Dreamgirls was expected to win this category but failed to do so)
  • Sound editing: Letters from Iwo Jima
  • Sound mixing: Dreamgirls (which ended up with only 2 wins out of 8 nominations)
  • Visual effects: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

Closing thoughts

Overall I went 14 for 24, which is equal to the “most likely” predictions made by Oscarwatch, but they got Best Picture right and I did not. Oh, well, there’s always next year.


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