I actually do like musicals, even though I’m a guy, but maybe I had heard too much about this one.

Here’s an example: I had heard that there was a show stopper somewhere in the middle of the film, and that the rest of the film was kind of a let-down after that. Well, it’s a real let-down to get to the end and to have not seen anything that seemed to match that description.

I liked the way Chicago (by the same director) managed to make all the songs be either actual musical numbers, or dreams, so there was none of the spontaneous bursting into song that was supposed to really be happening. While musical masterpieces like Singin’ in the Rain can manage to have both on-stage musical numbers and characters bursting into song and make it work, this film really couldn’t. At least in my opinion.

I saw the film because it has many Oscar® nominations, including the presumed front-runners for both Supporting acting categories. Jennifer Hudson is actually quite good, although of the nominated performances I would probably pick Cate Blanchett (both of whom were arguably leads). Eddie Murphy, well, is this really a quatum leap up from his James Brown skits on “Saturday Night Live?” There’s a little more drama, but it didn’t seem like anything special to me except that it was more than we have seen from him before. If it was an actor who normally did drama, there would likely be no nomination.

I actually did enjoy myself, but the above reasons make me happy that this film was shut out of the Best Picture category. And I won’t be sorry if Eddie loses on the 25th.

I give it 3 stars out of 4 stars stars.

Seen 2/12/2007.


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