The Queen

This was the third time I tried to see The Queen. The first two times, over the Christmas-New year’s holiday, the film was sold out.

In case you’ve missed the buzz on this one, it’s about the royal family during the period just before and for the first week or so after the death of the former Princess Diana. It’s also about the government, and especially about Tony Blair, who at that time had just started his job.

Was it worth the trouble to keep trying to see this? Did it live up to the hype? I’m really not sure that it did. Helen Mirren’s performance as Queen Elizabeth was very good, and is probably worth an Oscar® nomination, though I’m not sure if even she lives up to the hype that has her as the front-runner for Best Actress. And Michael Sheen, who plays Tony Blair, is also quite good. In both cases you feel like you’re watching a real person. But the actor who plays Prince Charles is at best adequate, and the story is frankly fairly flat. Although I will admit that I gained a somewhat greater sympathy for the royal family. Despite their extreme wealth, I would not want their job.

I had more fun at Casino Royale, but I’ll give this the same rating (3.5 out of 4 stars) out of respect for the main two performances.

Seen January 14, 2007.


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